Welcome to Heroes within. Here you will find the stories of 6 heroes that are part of a single team, known as the Six Kang Crew. They are :

tw_gdi_commando_iconsHavoc the Warrior 

Honorable soldier in prime physical condition eager for victory

thumb_1a2ad0fe3d9c963b6fbd01bcDJ the Musician 

Provider of Rhythms and Tunes that elevate the mood

steve-jobs_318-124878Jobs the Visionary

Celebrator of bold creative ideas in business modeling/design

iconMedievh the Chronicler

Preserver of the noble heritage of humanity and the wisdom carried down through the ages

zhuge_liang_rotkGong Ming the Strategist 

The problem solver that prevails in the face of challenging circumstances

freyaFrey the Healer

The world mother that comforts the tired,sick, lost, disappointed

The heroes have banded together and have pledged to everyday work hard to bring happiness to human kind and make the world a better place to live. Now, they set out to each of their domains on a journey to make right and experience the wonders of life. Stay tuned for their Exploits!


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