Thoughts After ‘Whiplash’ – From Practice to Greatness

I absolutely enjoyed watching ‘Whiplash’. I do want to say first that it wasn’t because of the 5 stars or words like ‘Geniuswhiplash_ver4‘ given out by the film critics or the newspapers. Whether it is true or not, newspaper companies or film critics derive their power from being able to judge pieces of artwork with colorful words. But, I do admit that that was the way I did learn about the movie. I guess what I am trying to say is that even with seeing these words, I wanted to check what the movie was about.

Here are the lessons all-in-one :

  • Knowing whether or not you made a mistake is important aside from what mistake you did make
  • I don’t know is never a great answer
  • Good Job are the two worst words you could ever utter
  • You gotta be able to give up some things in order to be a great at something
  • You may not move on, but other people sure will
  • People will not forget how great you are, but they will also remember how much you screwed up. It’s about reputation
  • Brutal practice makes perfect. When you practice so much that your you can just play drums without even thinking about it at great speeds, THAT is when you are champion. But until then, the only way is repetition
  • You don’t have to KNOW (brain) something in order for you to be able to do it
  • The ugly part of competition is that there is always someone who can replace you
  • But if you practice so much and STUBBORNLY DECIDE TO DO THINGS YOUR UNIQUE WAY, then NOBODY can touch you
  • When you are humiliated, when you fail, you have  a choice of whether to GIVE IN (to fatigue, pain, sorrow) or try fucking hard to make an amazing comeback
  • You practice so much that you become confident and you convince yourself to COMMAND, then you know that you have become a champion
  • You should always demand perfection from yourself and this can ONLY HAPPEN THROUGH PRACTICING

The movie teaches all of us a great lesson about human greatness and the competition it takes to become one of the greats. The lessons are hard to swallow because they are very harsh, but nonetheless they are true. Fletcher is no doubt an asshole, but the question is can you blame him? And…is blaming important here at all?

The movie has convinced me that THERE IS NO CORRECT WAY TO ANALYZE HOW PEOPLE BECAME SUCCESSFUL. If you do this, all you end up with are key words like ‘hard work’ or ‘passion’. You can compare the behavioral patterns of successful people, but THIS does not create YOUR success. Why don’t you ask yourself, ‘what do I need to do to become a Great?’

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