A Beautiful Trance Music Tribute to Those in Uniform

DJ & Havok here.


While DJ was doing his usual fieldwork into great tunes and beats, he stumbled upon for a song by Trance DJ Ashley Wallbridge by the name of Lullaby for a Soldier. It was not just the banging tune that caught his eye. It was lyrics of the song which was about honoring those soldiers and the sacrifices they are making for their country.

He decided rightfully to call me (Havok) because he knows how much I care about not just physicial wellbeing but also people fit who are fighting for what is right and keeping each other in one peace. But now that I think of it, is it just a song for warriors on the battlefield?


This is a song for everybody who wants to do something good in this world who is willing to sacrifice him or herself to safeguard what is just and what is good. I pray that you all who are reading this will join me in singing the song and also offering a prayer for those warriors to be safe and to be filled with light.

Well click the link below to listen to the song:


Singalong with the lyrics below :

Verse #1

May your dreams bring you peace in the darkness

May you always rise over the rain

May the light from above, always lead you to love

May you stay in the arms of the angels

Verse #2

May you always be brave in the shadows

‘Till the sun shines upon you again

Hear this prayer in my heart, and we’ll ne’er be apart

May you stay in the arms of the angels

Verse #3

May you hear every song in the forest

And if ever you lose your own way

Hear my voice like a breeze, whisper soft through the trees

May you stay in the arms of the angels

May you grow up to stand as a man (up) with the pride of your family and name

when you lay down your head, or to rest in your bed

May you stay in the arms of the angels

About Innovatio

An international Socratic warrior on a journey in search of human happiness and value which can further human civilization.
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