When the journey becomes weary and it will,

Frey to all of my companions in their respective fields journeying through the world,

I am sure that you all know by now from your experiences that

‘the journey becomes weary’ after a while

There are a lot of possible reasons as to why this happens some of which may include :

  1. We near the limit of our physical fitness
  2. Our work and the journey becomes routine and as a result we lose interest

But what if I told you that the reasons above are the result of another key reason?

What if the journey becomes tiresome because we forgot why we set out in the first place? Why we started the journey?

The funny and interesting thing is that when we remember why, we wake up again. Try it out yourself, but before you do, what is this “why” we are talking about?

Why did you work today? Why did you start that workout? Why did you decide to try and invent/develop that creative idea of yours?

It’s because you had a vision – an end image of something that does not exist yet but is glorious and beautiful.

And…as things become more difficult, the journey grew weary you forgot why you started out in the first place.

Now you can make an effort to continue to remember using your brain and memory why you started out.

But I am telling you…Your heart has to remember.

Wait, so how do you have your heart remember?

Before I reveal the answer, watch the two clips below. Concentrate on what the characters do during hard times

Gundam Build Fighters Try – the moment when you are about to give up against overwhelming odds

The untold story of Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team

Does your heart remember now why you started out on this journey?

Are you still feeling tired?

When you remember that there is a life force comprised of love that allows you to triumph and go past your limit, this mysteriously will grant you strength that your muscles or your brain were not able to give you before.

About Innovatio

An international Socratic warrior on a journey in search of human happiness and value which can further human civilization.
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