The Power of the Heart

Havok and Frey here to explain the human phenomena, ‘the power of the human heart’.

We’ll explain the title above that you may consider Cliche with a story of my own.


I was in the military and during my training, we had physical fitness tests. As any veteran will know, this consists of 1) how many situps you do in 2 min, 2) how many pushups you do in 2 min, and 3) the time it takes for you to run 2 miles.

In my case, the situps and pushups were not too hard compared to the 2 mile run. Now for you to get a 100 on your 2 mile run, you gotta run it in within 13 minutes.

Click here for the 2 mile run guidelines

When I used my brain to think about this, this was not easy. I started running and in the beginning, all is well. But it gets harder as you go along. It came to the point where the thought of slowing down, the thought of I can’t go along like this anymore, the thought of quitting started to creep into my mind.

But I did not want to quit. I just wanted to find a way to get this ‘this is tiring’ thought out of my head. Then I did something that I never did before :

“I started to recall the theme song of the war movie Tae Guk Gi. The movie is about heroic and sad tail of two brothers who have to fight in the Korean War. I recommend you listen to it as we continue our report 🙂

Click here for the Theme for the movie ‘Tae Guk Gi’

As I played the song in my head, I imagined the loyalty of the soldiers of Korea towards fighting for the freedom of his fellow man. The love that existed between the two brothers as they fought side to side. How I could honor my great brothers/ancestors as a soldier myself during this very moment by REFUSING to YIELD and TRIUMPHING against the difficulties ahead and SHOWING OTHER IT CAN BE DONE.

I also played fighting scenes between Freedom Gundam and an impossible-to-beat Providence Gundam in the last episode of the anime Gundam Seed. Without going into the story itself, it is a battle between Freedom who believes in Humankind’s nature toward kindness/peace and Providence that Humankind’s nature is dictated by their greed for power will always start wars and harming others to gain power for themselves.

Try watching the epic episode of gundam seed sometime :

Click to Watch Gundam Seed Final Episode 48 : Towards an Endless Future

I entered a special blissful state of mind. The thought of pain no longer was able to touch me and I had in my grasp a strength that I did not know existed before. With that strength and with everything else around me becoming a blur, I ran faster than I had ever run before and finished my 2 mile run at a time of 12:50. After I came into the finish line, my senses came back to me and I was very much out of breath.

But I was left with lingering questions : What was that new type of force that had enabled me with the extra endurance needed to get to the 2 mile run 100 score?

Different disciplines and people will describe this in a different way, but after discussing this with my companion Frey, we have come to understand this phenomena as

“Power from Within One’s Heart”

There is another source of power within us besides our own physical body power that can be unleashed when the physical body power is almost depleted. We are not going to address scientific proof of such a thing here. We are still not sure how the unleashing of this power is triggered. From Havoc’s experience, it happened when he was filled with the desire to honor and the desire to aspire to go beyond one’s potential and most importantly that he is a human, an entity which always aspires to triumph against odds and go beyond what was previously believed to be the truth or the limit.


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