What does it take to turn the tide of a battle? To restore courage within you?

What does it take to turn the tide of a battle?
To Hold the line and then counterattack?
To give you back the courage and the resoluteness to take on the world and make the day yours?

It is the passion for what you strive for to hold the line in the name of freedom, the courage and faith that have strengthened and motivated all the heroes of old – David, Yi Soon Shin, Joan of Arc, the Rohirrim charging against the orcs to rescue Gondor, the The Scots in memory of William Wallace at Bannockburn, Hannibal at Cannae.

Charge of the Rohirrim at the Pelennor Fields

It is the cheers and battlecries of your brethren rallying by your side and then charging together to make the world a better place, to realize one’s own potential, to defeat the forces of evil.

It is great when you have actual physical brethren by your side, but you don’t need them..for you have the chance to honor the spirits of the Greats who existed before you. They are still around and will come to the aid of any who chooses to follow their footsteps to stand defiant in the face of uncertainty, overwhelming odds, and fear.

The ending scene of Braveheart at Bannockburn

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