What is Your Reason for Racing?

One of the most powerful motivational scenes I have ever come by is from the Japanese anime Cyber Formula which about formula one racing on a fun, unrealistic level centering on the protagonist driver Hayato. I actually have not watched the whole show, but the last episode, regardless of whether you know the story beforehand is extremely powerful.

It answers the key question for all of us as we get out of bed each day?

Why are you doing what you do?

There are a lot of people who bring up the issue of YOUR WHY when preaching motivation and success. In probably the mostly viewed Ted talk out there right now, Simon Sinek repeats the same statement over and over again :

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it”.

FYI, if you want to watch a clip of that, click here to watch the Ted talk 

“Your why has to be greater than that knock down” says Eric Thomas from the famous YouTube motivational video titled ‘Resiliency’. Click here for that

Seriously, why get out of bed? You are already behind everybody else! Why still try? Why even bother? If you try to find a rational answer to this question, I m telling you are not going to get far. The screenshots below share a “WHY” that has motivated me everyday to liberate myself from fatigue, fear, doubt. The driver Henri (the purple mullet driver guy) struggles to go on with the race, KNOWING that he is now too far behind in terms of his time to win the race overall. See what he goes through.











Click on the link to see the actual clip and the amazing ending scene

The last episode of cyber formula 

Also, think about what the “zero gravity realm” is

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