Thoughts on Service, Sacrifice, Suffering, and Humiliation

Service, sacrifice, even suffering and humiliation, before the world, bravely endured if need be in following that ideal~

I have found that service and sacrifice are easily achievable. Why? Because they are things we can choose to do out of our own will. Yeah, if we get hurt if the people or things on the reciprocating end don’t say thank you or yield the results we want, but that’s fine because I wanted to do it, right? Its justified
Suffering and humiliation are different from the two above, because I think it is more unjustified. You can’t own the situation..and more often then ever it involves humans who try (or out of ignorance accidentally try) to hurt you. And you know why that occurs? It goes back to human selfishness and pursuit of power.
Suffering and humiliation are very hazardous to our health and exposes us to the umbrella term “stress” which leads to the more familiar illnesses like cancer etc.
So the question is what type of shield, defense systems can you erect to protect yourself from the harmful effects of humiliation?
The most important thing is remembering that you have a mission and that you have a right : To be happy to be great to be able to dream and that you have the capacity to realize that dream. 
But the most important mission of all it is you are a human being – You are part of a race of people whose nature is to want to explore to find your line and go beyond it, to triumph over difficulty.
You want more? You are not alone. Your brethren are near by finding the same battle as you and leading the charge. Thousands of your ancestors of humanity have fought the battle and have won.
Thus, there is nothing to fear about humiliation. There is no stress that can come of it.

About Innovatio

An international Socratic warrior on a journey in search of human happiness and value which can further human civilization.
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