How to Revitalize a Huge Urban Shopping Mall

Jobs reporting. I am constantly on the lookout for instances where creativity and ingenuity lead to the creation of economic prosperity, the healthy flow of commerce that creates a win win situation for customers and vendors. After all, in the capitalistic world that we live in, is that not at least one of the important keys towards our happiness?

Anyways, my latest discovery focuses on shopping malls. Shopping malls are known to be on their death bed in America, due to a number of reasons not limited to the rise of ecommerce (a.k.a Amazon).

Click here to see the errie images of abandoned shopping malls 

Now the shopping mall at the centerpiece of our story here is NOTHING like the ones in the images from the above link. There ARE shops and they just a few years ago rennovated the whole complex. But somehow the architects who were in charge of the renovation thought it would be wise to design a MAZE instead of a shopping mall. As a result the no. of visitors collapsed by some 65% comparing the before and after renovation.

But….they are coming back.

Thanks to

A new company which bought the rights to the space and decided to construct an open library and public concert area at the center of the shopping mall.

So visitors are coming and the shops are making more money and people are reading more!

Win win, right?

Click the link to read more about it!

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