What can we learn from consulting on how to model life

Gong Ming here.

Consultants are great because they know how to model uncertainty and solve problems. The clients that consultants give a helping hand to don’t know how much they should invest, whether they should in invest, and what they should invest into. They also don’t know where the problem is and how to solve it. In order for them to be able to make the right choices in life, consultants not only give them data to support their decisions. THEY LAY IT OUT FOR THEM IN A PROCESS FORMAT. They also provide the necessary reassurance that whatever choice people make, things will work out. Of course, they do steer the people away from choices that are akin to walking off a cliff.

In this respect, the consultant is satisfying a basic human need : The need for reassurance against the inevitable waves of time, the elements (both artificial and natural), cycles of boom and bust, and the unknown.

Not everybody needs to be a consultant in order to be successful, but consultants I think do teach us a thing or two about how to harness our time as living human beings on Earth :
1) Setting a realistic vision and mapping out the steps that need to be taken toward fullfilling that vision
2) Gathering the necessary resources and mustering the manpower necessary for this project
3) In the process of executing the steps, remaining steadfast in one’s commitment and restoring faith and reassurance to continue the project it bears fruit
4) Ensuring the change is permanent after the goals of the project have been fulfilled

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