Modern Day AOE – Secure Food Supply through Businss Acquisition

Gong Ming here.

I am happy to update you on the first series of Modern Day Age of Empires. I will be reporting on how the nations of our modern world and also the people in our modern world employ strategy to bolster and expand their influence across the rest of the world. Medievh will agree with me on this, but the world is the same as it was 2000 years ago – The quest for power and domination and the power struggles between humans has not changed. It is lamentable that this rather despicable part of human nature (I refer to this as ‘Politics’) is here to stay.

What I would like to cover here, however, is the ingenious strategic ‘chessboard’ moves that nations or leaders take in the Current timeline of events. Medievh will update you on the Historical examples of the strategic victories as well as the feats/wonders that our human ancestors have achieved.

Now today’s modern AOE moment is based on what China is doing right now : Buying major seed businesses! Companies that are backed by the state are acquiring big companies who produce various seeds like Syngenta as well as food companies like pork producers.



China’s population is growing constantly. I think they actually eliminated the one child policy now. The government knows this, but the currently food production in China is in many ways challenged – pollution, aging farmers, low yield crop techniques etc. So what do the Chinese do as perhaps a leapfrog way to solve this problem? They engage in government-sponsored M&A.

Think about it. Instead of constructing the farms in Age of Empires, you could just pay money to buy a whole lot of them and a whole lot of food. Clever, right?

Also, state-sponsored M&As means political expansion regardless of how you want to look at it.

Another chess move by China? How will the world react to this?

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