Why You Should Trust Yourself and Go Your Own Way

Frey and Jobs here. The insight that we wish to share today is ‘finding your own way’ to do things.

Jobs was at work today making a powerpoint slide. The slide was not done even after 3 hours. It’s just one freakin slide!! The slide did look nice but when he was almost done with it his supervisor came to me and confirmed that this was not what he was looking for. What Jobs had drawn was a diagram that showed 5 circulating steps – the idea is that when you got to no. 5, you would come to no.1. But turns out, when you got to no. 5 that was it. So Job’s supervisor told him to just send what he currently had (the unfinished version). Jobs was disappointed. He knew he had just experienced a small failure. He needed some fresh air to recover so walked out of the office and started listening to one of the tracks on his inspirational scenes playlist. It was called

‘Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation – 6 rules of success speech’

Click the link above to watch the actual video on YouTube.

From a normal self-help perspective, the content is NOTHING new

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail…
  2. Work your butt off…
  3. Trust Yourself…
  4. Don’t take no as an answer…

We’ll all heard these lines being uttered to us before. But this time Jobs had some new thoughts about Arnold’s motivational 6 lessons:

  1. Trust Yourself : I was in the process of figuring out for myself how to make the slide better. You can replace “make the slide” with anything that you may be engaged with – play tennis, get a better score on the test, do engineering…Trusting oneself provides a large, crucial amount of reassurance, courage, and self-esteem to someone who is on a journey of life while alone, ostracized by others, scared, and experiencing failure.

But, reassurance is not the only reason why you should trust yourself.

The other much more important reason why you NEED to trust yourself is because it paves the way to the realization of your true potential, the great human being that you were born to be! When people don’t trust themselves, they become afraid or they just follow what other people do or tell them to do. If you do that, you’re not being yourself. Additionally, you are losing the chance (time, experiences) to express your opinions and take actions that make precious contributions to your identity. People saying that figuring out the answer on your own is the most rewarding experience instead of being told what the answer is also the exact same concept.


It is such an inspiration to hear Arnold say these words : “I m talking about figuring out for yourselves what makes you happy no matter how crazy it may sound to the people”

From the above, we can also infer that Trusting Yourself is not just about you and your own mind. It is also about rejecting what others may reject or say about you.

2. Break the rules

The rules are not equal to the tenets of the Law. There are so many rules in life. These are the social norms that are sometimes outrageously outdated, idiotic, and set in order to make human individuals powerless. With a series of questions I bring up and challenge those rules :

  • Who says I have to be tired each morning before work on a Monday morning?
  • Who says I need to have kids right after I get married?
  • Who says that this is the way I need to learn “excel, powerpoint, english, calculus…etc…etc.?” Why can’t there be another better, faster way to learn/do something and why can’t I venture and figure out what that other method might be?
  • Why does a person HAVE to go to grad school, HAVE to go the gym, HAVE to be one of the occupations covered by the media today? Why can’t I be something crazy like a “DJing clown”, “a firefighter/detective”, “a carpet cleaner cage fighter”, “a historian engineer”?
  • Why do I have to think it’s the end of the world when for past 30 years, all I have been is a bank teller and now it is time for me to retire?

The fight scene between Morpheus and Neo in the first Matrix movie symbolizes the possibilities when you break the rules

Morpheus vs. Neo Fight Scene from The Matrix 

You can achieve the greatest power ever


This is how the Greats (Homer, Joan of Arc, Bruce Lee, Emmanuel Kant, Charlemagne, Einstein and many more!!) became great – BY GOING AT IT THEIR OWN WAY

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An international Socratic warrior on a journey in search of human happiness and value which can further human civilization.
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