Desire! Desire! Desire to Triumph!

DJ here.

I have gathered with me Frey, Havok, Jobs, and Medievh.

What I have is a song that I forgot about but now have rediscovered.

The song is called Desire. The genre of the song is Trance, which is one of the many genres under what many people know as Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The song appears to be a remix, the DJ who remixed it being Daniel Kandi.

The song is one of my all-time favorites because of the passion, the energy, and the sense of optimism fill me as I listen to it.

I have gathered my companions with me because the song reminds me of the important things they are pursuing.

As I listen, I see myself looking up at the stars and the big blue sky and pondering how great the world is and how greater I along with my fellow human brethren is. When the song builds up, I imagine myself being taken off the ground by angels. I smile as I now have the ability to climb up and up and up. I find myself in tears as I never stop crying out “Desire!” “Desire!” “Desire to be better!” “Desire to rise up and champion good!”


A flying Pegasus comes right by me and smiles and nods towards the great blue sky that is filled with nothing but potential and optimism.

I know I can share this excitement, this energy with Frey, who comforts the tired,sick, lost, disappointed. May the song help her and fill her with the Desire to keep going!

To Havok, the Honorable soldier in prime physical condition eager for victory, you always DESIRE to triumph overwhelming odds and break the physical limits. May the song give you the battle cry to smite fear, forget about physical pain and accomplish the mission of humanity : To always break the limits and improve!

To Jobs, Celebrator of bold creative ideas in business modeling/design, I pray that the song will fill you with the boldness and creativity to pursue the new ideas/inventions that people have never experienced.

To Medievh, Preserver of the noble heritage of humanity and the wisdom carried down through the ages, somehow I know that this sensation of Desire & aspiration is what produced the historical greats that we today honor.

To all those who are reading our report, click below for the song :

Desire (Daniel Kandi Classic Mix) by JayB & Sandra Wagner

When the song gets to the main part (4:06),

start saying the magic word “Desire!”

and don’t stop 🙂

About Innovatio

An international Socratic warrior on a journey in search of human happiness and value which can further human civilization.
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