A Breakdown of Why Finnish Education is One of the Best in the World

Just wanted to share an article published by the World Economic Forum about why Finnish Education is so great.

Summarized as follows :

  1. Competition isn’t as important as cooperation – The schools are all public, and they cooperate with one another, with teachers issuing their own tests instead of standardized ones.
  2. Teachers are one of the most respected professions – You have to get your master’s degree and then do a residency program like the US medical schools
  3. Research is not viewed politically. If the data shows improvements, the Finnish ministry of education will give it a shot.
  4. Finnish teachers enjoy a great freedom to experiment
  5. The Finnish law requires teachers give students 15 min of play for every 45 min of instruction. Respecting the recess periods in other words…
  6. Minimum homework, less extra work. Time at home should be spent with family from whom the kids will learn about life.
  7. Preschool, daycare is universal until age 7 and are of good quality w/out disparities between places.

Education can only be great when it makes is recipients into happy, creative smart, good-hearted individuals.

You can trace the unhappiness, social unrest of a country’s population to its education system. You just have to see if the education systems are doing everything right from the above. As evidenced here, countries like South Korea or the United States are not doing a great job.

Check the original article from the World Economic Forum 


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