Notes from the film ‘The Prestige’

​DJ & Medievh here. 

We’re here to post about a film : Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Prestige’.

Here are the notes we took and we would like to share them with you.

  • Obsession and quest for fame is what destroys a human being
  • You have a power but you also need to use it responsibly
The three rules of a magician
The Pledge: The magician shows you something ordinary
The Turn : The magician takes the ordinary and makes it into something extraordinary
The Prestige : You have to make what you disappear come back
Magic makes people wonder…it frees them from the misery of the ordinary
Now you’re looking for the secret, but you won’t find it because you’re not really looking. You don’t want to figure it out. You want to be fooled
Think about how this relates to real life.
Why is magic here to stay?
How do frauds artificially create this magic and cheat their way to wealth?
What is the innate need that people may have for magic?
How can that be harnessed?

About Innovatio

An international Socratic warrior on a journey in search of human happiness and value which can further human civilization.
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