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When the journey becomes weary and it will,

Frey to all of my companions in their respective fields journeying through the world, I am sure that you all know by now from your experiences that ‘the journey becomes weary’ after a while There are a lot of possible … Continue reading

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Getting a Firm Grip on Time

Time is a resource that is easily overlooked and squandered by all of us. We loaf around and get our daily dosage out of surfing the internet, online shopping malls, and then laying down on the couch flipping through various … Continue reading

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Excited Corgi Dances Before Meals

This Corgi does a dance of joy whenever he gets his meals. Now what if…I did that? A little Irish Jig before my breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Perhaps, people may think of me as weird, but perhaps that’s what we … Continue reading

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Floria Guei Shows that we still have the fire to go beyond our expectations

A truly incredible performance by Floria Guei of France during the 400 m relay at the 2014 European Championship. Your heart starts to stir and leaps when you hear the commentators go crazy and cheer her as Floria sprint unbelievably … Continue reading

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Tech Products Funded and Voted through the Internet

This is something we have not seen before at all. The decision to make what product was always something made by a corporation like P&G or Coca Cola. They could decide which product to make. They could control how the … Continue reading

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A Short Love Poem by the great Pablo Neruda

The poem is a unique wonderful expression of love. It is good to know that there are an infinite ways of expressing love. The most important thing though is obviously making the courageous personal choice to express it. This poem is … Continue reading

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The Adorable Desert Rainfrog

Nature’s wonders caught by the BBC One’s Super Cute Animals It’s hard to resist the urge inside you to smile and say AWWW!  when you listen to this small fella squeaks Interest to also note that the cries are in … Continue reading

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