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Civ 6’s America themes and the Heart for Progress & Prosperity

DJ & Medievh here. For those of you who haven’t followed our journeys in the past, let us give you an idea of what we are doing first before we address the title above. Each of us left our hometowns … Continue reading

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Your Age of Exploration is Now

DJ & Medievh here! As we were talking about our childhoods, we discovered that   we both had a mutual friend who loved to play this video game called Uncharted Waters.   The video game centers on the adve ntures of … Continue reading

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These Photographs Capture The Dual Lives Of People With Mental Illness

Medievh here to share with you some strangely powerful series of photos that show the Depressed side/Outgoing side of the same individuals. There is no place for the stigma towards mental illness – It happens to us all. It is … Continue reading

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Colorfully Decorated Parisian Storefronts

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Maps that tell very interesting things about how different geographical, demographic things size up in our world

Medievh and Gong Ming here. The maps outlined in the BuzzFeed article (click here) give us ALOT of insights on population concentrations, (US and global), personal preference distributions, distances between things, and the sizes of continents and the planet relative … Continue reading

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Government & Entertainment – Can we tell and strictly enforce the difference?

Inspired by Vox’s article ‘How this 30-year-old book predicted todays’ politics.’ Running a country and making it better is not and should not be mixed with entertainment. Should tweeting ‘you’re fired’ or racism be regarded as governing a country? The … Continue reading

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A Breakdown of Why Finnish Education is One of the Best in the World

Just wanted to share an article published by the World Economic Forum about why Finnish Education is so great. Summarized as follows : Competition isn’t as important as cooperation – The schools are all public, and they cooperate with one … Continue reading

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