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A Beautiful Trance Music Tribute to Those in Uniform

DJ & Havok here. While DJ was doing his usual fieldwork into great tunes and beats, he stumbled upon for a song by Trance DJ Ashley Wallbridge by the name of Lullaby for a Soldier. It was not just the … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali’s Speech About His Post-boxing Plans

Medievh & Frey Here We are very happy to share with you the wisdom passed down by one of the greatest human beings to walk the Earth – boxer Muhammad Ali. When he was asked by a kid what he … Continue reading

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Inspirational Track – Into the Sky by Hiroyuki Sawano

DJ & Frey here It is truly a great coincidence when we are able to meet each other and report on something that is overflowing with beauty and vibrant energy in both its musical qualities and the message of life … Continue reading

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Majestic Honorable Track – The Legend of Ashitaka

DJ here I just wanted to report on a song that I encountered in the realm of Miyasaki Hayao, the great director of Studio Ghibil which has produced some amazing deep Japanese animations of the likes of Totoro, Howl’s Moving … Continue reading

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Focusing is the most beautiful thing

The most beautiful thing is when you become focused The petty things are left on the sidelines. The biggest of these petty things is tyranny of limited scarce resources, namely time. You become infused with the power to go beyond … Continue reading

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