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How Dance Music is Produced

DJ here. Just wanted to share a video clip I passed by that shows DJ Martin Garrix aged 20 live on a radio show producing a brand new track while live. It shows the type of thinking and intuition that … Continue reading

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Desire! Desire! Desire to Triumph!

DJ here. I have gathered with me Frey, Havok, Jobs, and Medievh. What I have is a song that I forgot about but now have rediscovered. The song is called Desire. The genre of the song is Trance, which is … Continue reading

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Majestic Honorable Track – The Legend of Ashitaka

DJ here I just wanted to report on a song that I encountered in the realm of Miyasaki Hayao, the great director of Studio Ghibil which has produced some amazing deep Japanese animations of the likes of Totoro, Howl’s Moving … Continue reading

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Groovy Track : Lost Tape by Mutual Attraction

DJ here reporting on a great, deep, groovy track. Would highly recommend it for times when you need to relax either after a long day of work or partying. Enjoy : Lost Tape by Mutual Attraction

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