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Why You Should Trust Yourself and Go Your Own Way

Frey and Jobs here. The insight that we wish to share today is ‘finding your own way’ to do things. Jobs was at work today making a powerpoint slide. The slide was not done even after 3 hours. It’s just … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Service, Sacrifice, Suffering, and Humiliation

Service, sacrifice, even suffering and humiliation, before the world, bravely endured if need be in following that ideal~ I have found that service and sacrifice are easily achievable. Why? Because they are things we can choose to do out of … Continue reading

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Your Happiness is ALL about your Selfish Pursuits

For the past few days, as I gruelingly prepare myself for next job, I have found myself without inspiration, exhausted that the world around me is seemingly devoid of life… There is nothing but depressing stuff on the news these … Continue reading

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When society asks you get back in line…give yourself a chance

when a militaristic society asks you to get back in line and tells you that you are too smart for your own good,   Give yourself a chance   to find out what makes you happy to aspire for excellence … Continue reading

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