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What can we learn from consulting on how to model life

Gong Ming here. Consultants are great because they know how to model uncertainty and solve problems. The clients that consultants give a helping hand to don’t know how much they should invest, whether they should in invest, and what they … Continue reading

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When Heroes Choose Not to Pursue Their Path

​“You should stay away from the Zero Realm. It is dangerous.” When people have experienced injury related to the process of becoming great in their art, that discourages them from continuing on the path of their mastery. Then they start … Continue reading

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When the journey becomes weary and it will,

Frey to all of my companions in their respective fields journeying through the world, I am sure that you all know by now from your experiences that ‘the journey becomes weary’ after a while There are a lot of possible … Continue reading

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The Importance of Making Your Bed

Whether you have served in the military or have been a civilian your whole life, the words of Admiral Craven in his commencement speech to UT Austin could not be more simple and inspirational. Especially… The Part about making your … Continue reading

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Rethinking Failure by Victor Cheng

Below is an email newsletter I receive from a mentor I highly respect. All credit of the material below goes to Victor Cheng. What is the opposite of success? If you’re like most people, your instinctive response is “failure.” This … Continue reading

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Focusing is the most beautiful thing

The most beautiful thing is when you become focused The petty things are left on the sidelines. The biggest of these petty things is tyranny of limited scarce resources, namely time. You become infused with the power to go beyond … Continue reading

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If you stubbornly stick to what you believe and do it, success will come

The Key to success, to changing the world for the better is sticking to doing what you believe. When you understand that things take time When you understand that you do not have power over other people or things but … Continue reading

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Thoughts After ‘Whiplash’ – From Practice to Greatness

I absolutely enjoyed watching ‘Whiplash’. I do want to say first that it wasn’t because of the 5 stars or words like ‘Genius‘ given out by the film critics or the newspapers. Whether it is true or not, newspaper companies … Continue reading

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